The Main Floor Is Upstairs

This delightful, crisply-styled design makes the most of a view by placing major rooms on the second floor. The idea is an old one, of course - used both in "raised cottages" and formal town houses - but with contemporary construction methods, reduces foundation costs while providing enhanced security and incredible views from the second and third floors.

The raised basement is built of painted, lightweight concrete block, and is somewhat smaller than the floor above; cantilevers at front and side add main floor space, provide for a wrap-around screen porch and protection for lower floor windows. This arrangement gives the second floor the prominence that it deserves. 

The lower floor includes a gracious entry and nicely detailed staircase, single garage, bedroom suite, small utility, indoor/outdoor kitchen/large den, covered deck, patio, hydro-therapy pool and outdoor theater. Other bedrooms, living areas and kitchen are upstairs; an outside ramp connects this floor with the ground level near garage. 

The second and third floors are of lightweight construction. 

To be continued...